Kitchen Design

Whether you are starting a new venture or looking to upgrade your current business, ASD has a solution for you. Our in-house design team has years of experience in design and implementation of your commercial kitchens. We work with your Chef as well as your contractors to ensure your investment project goes smoothly and according to plan. We provide accurate CAD layouts with vital information for your contractors. All electrical and plumbing planning information is included to ensure your investment safety. For more information please contact us at:

Laundry Design

ASD is an exclusive representative of B&C Technologies, an industry leader in commercial laundry equipment. This equipment is designed with low operating cost and long term usage to ensure you are getting the most out of your business. Whether laundry is your core business or an additional service B&C Technologies has the solutions. With their backing ASD offers a complete design and implementation solution.
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Our After Sales Service Team work with our Project Managers to ensure your projects are installed within the scheduled time and cost. Our factory trained technicians install and test the equipment to ensure optimum performance from your investment. You can rest assured that your investment has had the best installation possible.
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Clean, safe, healthy environments are essential to the health of workers, guests and suppliers – and the reputations of businesses everywhere. That’s why we provide innovative cleaning, laundry and warewashing solutions for restaurants, hotels, schools and many other settings. Food safety is critical to the reputations of businesses that manufacture, sell or serve foods and beverages. We know the top causes of foodborne illness outbreaks can be eliminated through effective cleaning and sanitizing – and we are committed to ensuring safe food by providing effective products, programs and services.
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